Are you a Procrastinator?

Have you ever felt are you a procrastinator?

If you so, this article is suitable for you.

Especially, for language learners.

I’m gonna give you some ideas which you could make up your mind and change to be an enthusiast.

Don’t rush yourself.

First of all, you must stop to assume you’re a procrastinator by yourself.

Japanese famous comedian, named Sanma told us that just being alive is a big bonus.

I totally agree with him.

Even if you worry about how can’t you do anything, you don’t have to worry. You’ve already gotten a big bonus since you’re born.

So, let’s optimize what’s your essential task.

For example, to study English, you should look at your strength and weakness.

In my case, I like sing English songs.

But it too painful for me to study grammar with textbooks.

That’s why I sing one or two songs before studying grammar as a warming up.

No one wants to do uncomfortable things. However, sometimes we need them.

So, just accept your weakness. And think about some alternative ideas to make use of your strength.

Expect your awesome future

Imagine, if you just do your task right now, you’ll get a fantastic future.

If you stay in your comfort zone forever, you’ll get a safe and boring life.

Totally, up to you.

Of cause, your stagnation can annoy nobody.

On the other hand, your progress can illuminate your future.

Which one do you like?

You’ll get your hopeful, wealthy future that you’ve been desiring to get. Or won’t.

This is a fork in the road.

Please remind that when your decision is oscillating.

You can rest

It’s great conceding that you have your target.

But, if you recognize the target is too tough for you, you can take a break.

Someone might force you to be patient or achieve your goal once you decided it.

As if that is the only your way.

I don’t think so.

We can retry again and again.

We don’t have to care about 1, 2, or 100 times interruptions.

I also agree with trying to get one dream consistently.

Anyway, the most important thing is don’t feel a setback with only a few failures.

Also, in English studying, try and error is an extremely great idea.

Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading. Whatever needs to try over and over.

And, take to rest timely.

Wrap up

・Don’t rush yourself

You needn’t to assume you’re a procrastinator by yourself.

Accept your weakness. And make use of your strength.

・Expect your awesome future

Just do right now. Or don’t.

It’s up to you that you’ll get your fantastic life.

・You can rest

Let’s take a break.

You don’t have to feel a setback with just a few failures.


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