Cultural differences

I’ll share some cultural differences which were discovered in abroad.

My Brazilian roomies

When I lived in LA, I found so many cultural differences.

I had 3 Brazilian roomies.

They liked party, singing, smoking, drinking and laughing.

Totally, they were extremely energetic.

One day, my roomies were fighting loudly.

Because one roommate didn’t wash our dishes and forks properly.

Usually, they were generous and I couldn’t understand why did he upset easily today.

just ten minutes after, they sat down the same couch and watched TV!

I wasted time to worry.

In a movie theater

And also in LA, in a movie theater, Americans were talking and laughing out loud during the showing.

Japanese don’t talk while the showing, much less roared with laughter.

Only titter or whisper is allowed.

It wasn’t annoying me. Moreover, I like that.


I had been lived in the Philippines for a few months.

They also had so many remarkable cultures.

Particularly, I was impressed by their optimistic thinking.

Workaholic or too mach strict isn’t in shape.

Sometimes, I scare about my future, hard job, and failure.

But, my Philippines teacher told me that don’t think too much.

Everyone has fear and anxiety about something.

Someone doesn’t have any money.

Someone doesn’t have even a house.

However, everyone can feel happy.

It’s the painful truth that the Philippines has so many poor people.

I saw some homeless families in the country frequently.

But, they don’t think they are unhappy.

My teacher also told me.

Even if you have a lot of money, you will have some other concerns.

So, just smile and think bout what is you happiness so far.

May be, working hard is good thing.

However, it doesn’t always make you happy.



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