How to study English with no motivation

Wanting to learn English but I’m unmotivated.

If you think so, I have some ideas for you.

You needn’t to learn English only from textbooks.

So, I’ll share some methods of study English in case of when you’re unmotivated.

Practice English songs

Have you ever wanted to sing an English song without looking at the lyric?

If you have been so, practicing English songs is suitable for you as learning English.

Singing a song rhythmically and mimicking native speakers.

Once you can sing fluently, you’re going to be fun and motivated.

Also, it’s a good idea to choose an English song which is originally your language songs.

Likewise BENI’s “One more time, One more Chance” whose was written by Masayoshi Yamazaki.

The one point advice is you don’t have to search for your unknown vocabulary at the time.

Because you’re unmotivated at this time, you needn’t take any tough studying style.

You can learn so many linking words by practicing English songs.

Like, “I’m going to” becomes “I’m gonna”.

But you couldn’t understand English frequently because of those abbreviations.

Just listening to some English videos

The next strategy is possible to do in your bed.

You only have to listen to English and imitate the movement of the mouth.

Any English video is fine. But I recommend an easy one as much as possible for beginners.

listening and imitating simultaneously during you’re watching the video.

Let’s mimic those actors’ pronunciation.

When I was in LA, I had been doing the practice while I took English class for 1 year.

You’ll get confidence in your pronunciation.

However, only listening can’t improve your English skill.

Even if you listening a million times, your speaking, reading, and comprehensive listening proficiency will be no change.

Study English with only listening. Sounds like easy and simple.

Unfortunately, it’s a business’ advertising. Please watch out don’t be tempted.

Unknown vocabulary is eternally unknown until you learn.

For example, can you imagine to be an Arabic or Tagalog speaker by only listening?

Maybe it’s possible for infants.

Sometimes non-English speakers have too much reliability to get English in listening because English is a more familiar language than the others.

If you want to get the meaning of that vocabulary, you should examine it again and again.

Thinking in English

Unlike just listening, this training is very effective in speaking.

Try to thinking or make some easy English sentences in your brain.

I used to have poor English skills, I could come up with extremely simple sentences.

“This is a dog.” “I’m a student.” “Today was good.”

Like that.

But, I can speak English without enough knowledge through this training frequently.

According to some studies, native speakers know 20,000 ~ 30,000 vocabulary.

And surprisingly, the daily conversation level needs just 2,000 words.

So, you could speak English by connecting some simple vocab.

Of course, some people feel it’s difficult firstly.

When you more get familiar with that training, your English skills are better than now.

Furthermore, it’s a great idea that keeps your English in a voice record.

Since you’ll realize your progress, please look forward to the change in your near future.

Do the workbook which you have done before

Lastly, this is suitable for study English exams, like TOIEC.

Answer some workbooks that you know the answer.

These questions are still effective for your remember of knowledge even you’ve already answered.

Plus, you’ll be motivated to studying.

You can’t get any skills if you wait for your drive forever.

The most important and hard thing is to turn on your engine.

Once you get energy, you can focus on anything.

In short, you can’t get motivation because you don’t start.

You don’t have to relay on your motivation.

I hate to push myself.

I can take a break when I get tired during warming up.

But, usually I feel uncomfortable to interrupt my work.

Your future English skills relay on whether you can move barely 5 minutes.

Wrap up

You have alternative strategies to learn English aside from using textbooks.

When you’re unmotivated to learn English, why don’t you try the below?

Singing English songs

Listening to the English audio

Thinking in English

Try to answer some easy questions just a little bit.


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