Is TOEIC Necessary?

We have so many English exams.

Among them, since TOEIC focuses on business English, it possibly has an advantage of job hunting.

Simply, TOEIC is suitable for training to comprehensive English proficiency.

I’ll explain exactly.

Find out your current level

Language skill is difficult to know the criteria.

It is not definitely evidence of your native English level even if you have EIKEN Grade 1.

And also, even if you think you have a conversational level, it would depend on the situation.

Furthermore, the conversational level’s borderline is also unclear.

So that’s why you need TOEIC as criteria of the English level.

I can recommend TOEIC for English beginners.

Because, you’ll know the proficiency by each score which you’ve gotten.

Of cause, we have another choices. TOEFL, EIKEN, IELTS, and extra.

But, in my opinion, TOEIC is the best of all.

TOEIC has multiple merits more than others.

If you take EIKEN, you’ll do speaking and writing test which TOEIC doesn’t have. And you can adjust your test level by yourself.

Plus, EIKEN Gread 1 is more challenging than TOEIC.

However, the cost is higher than TOEIC.

If you couldn’t pass the exam, you won’t get anything.

TOEIC cost is ¥5,725.Besides, it just gives you a score and analysis sheet.

You’ll spend too much money if you take several Grade in EIKEN.

It’s kind of waste of money and time.

In the IELTS and TOEFL case, it’s too much work unless you predict to go to abroad university or job.

TOEIC is not an easy one. But, those two exams are more difficult than it.

Even worse, IELTS and TOEFL aren’t famous among some Japanese human resources.

They know well about TOEIC.

Thus, TOEIC is value for money and time.

Improve your Speaking skill

Someone is making fun of a person who can’t speak well but has a great score in TOEIC.

Actually, I know your feeling it’s meaningless that only focus on getting a nice score and never speak English.

However, TOEIC is effective for your speaking skill.

A nice English speaker can get a high score in TOEIC in the first place.

Your comprehensive English skill will improve because the test requires a speedy response to you.

45 min for the listening test, 75 min for the reading test. We take totally 2 hours test for 200 questions.

It includes some tricky questions and so many painful reading comprehension questions.

The speed of answering ability is relevant to your speaking ability.

You need to be clever and get familiar with English when you want to speak fluently or jokes.

Any test is unnecessary to get English!

I’ll be in trouble if a great English speaker says that.

But, definitely, you don’t have to care about any negative opinions when you are engaged in something positive.

You’ll progress sharply if you get TOEIC 800 score or more as warming up your English life.

You might get a higher score than your true English proficiency in case you know the knack of TOEIC.

Though, this is the evidence you have already a nice English proficiency if you get the knack.

Practice of studying

I’ll talk about a little bit of a different topic from English.

Either way, we should learn whenever we want to progress.

Assuming that you are interested in English, and you don’t feel bothered about studying English, why don’t you make a studying habit with English.

Nowadays a bad situation, we had better get to a skill as our safety net.
Those skills will be your asset.

So, getting familiar with studying English and new learning skills.

You needn’t too much qualifications

I’ve recommended so far, you needn’t be nervous about your score.

Moreover, you don’t have to take variety of English exams.

It doesn’t indicate your English is worse when you got a poor score.

Even Filipinos whose English level is native have gotten a bad score sometimes.

You could consider the English exam can only discover a part of your English skill.

Although you went to study abroad or you’ll hunt your job with English, you don’t have to give too much stress by yourself.

When you hate English, that is a sign of too much work.

It’s worthless.

Here is the essential point.

How you can use English as long as possible in your life.

It’s pointless that studying English lots and hating English.

Likewise a physical measurement, you won’t improve your English drastically by just a few days.

Tomorrow is another day.

You can trust future you.

wrap up

TOEIC is value for money and time.

Your comprehensive English skills are improved by TOEIC.

Why not try to TOEIC as an analysis of your proficiency.

However, you don’t have to study only for exams. Let’s learn appropriately.


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