Let’s learning English

How to expand your life choice.

Japanese ver

It’s wast of life time if you stay only in Japan!

Definitely, Japan is the world leader in peace and well off country.

Food is awesome. Plus, you can drink almost any tap water.

However, It’s not always happy that you live in Japan without never go to another countries.

How can you say this is the most comfortable place for you even you’ve been lived in just one country.

Of course not.

Do you have a confirmation for you must stay there?

We have a million selections to choose whatever.

Please don’t limit your life by yourself .

Unfortunately, people are only 100 million who use Japanese in the world.

What’s the best power-Language in the globe?

It’s neither Chinese nor Spanish.

It’s English.http://www.kailchan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Kai-Chan_Power-Language-Index-full-report_2016_v2.pdf

English can affect the world economy. And it’s used as a second language on the planet.

Even the xenophobia Japanese, they try to get nice English proficiency to up their salary.

Why does English have such power?

One of the answers is so many people can speak English.

The amount is


This is 17 times as Japanese speakers.

It indicates countless pieces of information or data which is written in English.

I searched for the usage rate of languages with Google.

Here is the result.

1 English➡➡➡25.9%
2 Chinese➡➡➡19.4%
3 Spanish➡➡➡7.9%4 Arabic➡➡➡5.2% 5 Indonesian / Malaysian➡➡➡4.3% 6 Portuguese➡➡➡3.7%

8位 Japanese➡➡➡2.6%

Japanese is better then I thought.

But, English is overwhelmingly strong.

If you would like to be information-rich, you had better study English.

I’d like to expand my life choice and get more information with English.

So, I learn English every day.


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