Life is a journey

Life is tough and sometimes I feel it can’t be controlled.

It’s no wonder. Because, Life is a long way journey.

I also lose enjoyment in my life when I feel loneliness or helplessness.

Obviously, you can control your life if you get the meaning of your emotion correctly.

In other words, it’s an illusion that the world is forever darkness.

Even though you mistake over and over, the sun rises on you.

Nobody has to imagine a ruined future despite an unknown virus is attacking you.

Life is crazy, unusual, and never bored more than you’re thinking.

Some troubles are not only giving you problems but also opportunities that hints of your change.

For example, when I didn’t have money to get food in the Philippines, I got a terrible fear.

(First of all, I had to prepare enough money for my study abroad in advance.)

And then, my friends treated me so many times.

At the time, I got tow essential life lessons.

First, money is definitely need to journey.

Sounds totally commonsense.

However, so many peoples forget the truth, especially among young peoples.

And, I’ve started to invest since I came back to Japan.

Secondly, friends are more important then money.

You should travel to your life with some wonderful people.

We can stay alive without money if we have great relationships.

If you face some big dangerous situations, your friends could lend their hands.

And I ponder I’ll support my friends whenever they want to.

Before you consider that you can’t stand some awful situations, why don’t you think about this is the chance.

Thank you for reading today too.


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