Surprising Experiences In America

If you go to study abroad, you could discover countless new experiences.

I’ll share my 3 experiences in LA

Preconception is useless.

If have some stereotypes for foreigners, they don’t work.

I had never visited any other countries before I’m in LA. And I had some stereotypes for foreigners.

I wonder we have some images that foreigners are expressive and they have good communication skills.

Actually, it’ depends on the person.

The shy people are shy. It doesn’t matter where are they born.

Japanese too. Even a little bit of deference of their prefecture, they also depend on the person.

You can talk some your preconceptions as just small talk.

But they could a little bit uncomfortable. So, please be careful.


If someone talks to you that you must be shy because you’re Japanese. Aren’t you?

Or why you ain’t polite? Are you really Japanese?

Everybody must be surprised or upset when you hear some preconceptions about you without any pieces of evidence.

In my the most hilarious question to me was “You can speak Chinese, right? Because Japanese is almost the same as the Chinese. “

The answer was of course no.

You’ll be ashamed if you make a conversation on just your own preconceptions.

Make Multicultural Friends

So many people live in speaking English countries more then you expect.

It banks on where are you go but n my case, in Loss Angeles,

American, Brazilian, Mexican, Saudi Arabia, Chinese, Korea, Italian, Spanish, Guatemalan, Turkish, Taiwanese, Russian, Peruvian, Filipino, Ecuadorian, Egyptian.

Totally 17 countries people.

I got the same class with them in LA’s language school or talked with them.

I heard Portuguese frequently in the dormitory. Because my dormitory was owned by Brazilian.

When I was in the language school, I heard so many Japanese. Because there had a lots of Japanese students.

Finally, if I hanged out with my Mexican friends, I listened to Spanish.

Hum… Am I really in America? I thought occasionally.

Of course, I got some new Japanese friends who are attractive.

I wonder experienced Japanese people who have lived abroad are still limited.

So, it’s no wonder that many interesting people in another country.

My LA Japanese friends are too.

One friend has his own farm and came to LA with his wife. And another one was Kickboxer.
The former monk.
Works there to get a green card.

One friend has his own farm and came to LA with his wife. And another one was Kickboxer.
The former monk.
Works there to get a green card.

The best part of studying abroad is learning multiple lives from them.

You can enjoy yourself with a lot of people, sometimes fight, and tell about your dream without enough language proficiency.

We need not only understand how the world is wide just in your brain, but we had better get a real experience.

If you go to studying abroad, you’ll get an extremely meaningful phase.

You never get English skill automatically

If I live in speaking English countries, I’m gonna get great English proficiency automatically!

I believed that before I went to study abroad.

Unfortunately, that’s a daydream.

I could live in LA without English more then I thought.

Because we can stay alive without taking communication in English.

I’ll show you my failures day as a student.

10:00 wake up.

11:00 ~ 13:00 Netflix and YouTube in Japanese.

14:00 ~ 17:30 language school.

18:00 ~ 19:00 Shopping and dinner.

19:00 ~ 21:00 Taking shower and do nothing.

21:00 ~ 0:00 Netflix, YouTube again in Japanese.

I talked with my roommates and some store clerks a little bit.

Even I considered those time, I spent time in English for only a few hours.

Besides, I spoke English just a few minutes because of my hesitation and reluctance.

Furthermore, I used only easy vocab. Like “yes”, “no”, “cool”, “It’s great”.

If I continued such an indolent life, I wouldn’t get high English skills.

So, if you want to be an English speaker, you need to spend your time in English as much as possible spontaneously.

It sounds painful, but you can choose any activity with English.

In my case, listen or sing to English songs, watch English movies or videos, and make an English blog if I feel like it.

To go to study abroad isn’t easy. Neither stay in abroad.

Prepare a lot for the travel, Make money, and get familiar with the new environment.

It’s the part of the most difficult situation that you can’t take communication.

But I can promise you that you’ll be grown by those tough experiences.

Wrap up

1, Preconception is useless.

Don’t have to use any bad stereotype.

2, Make multicultural friends

Meet up with so many people more than you’re expecting.

3, We never get English skills automatically.

Do action sponteneous


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