The benefits of Studying English

I’ve decided to learn English just before graduate university. Because I realized some benefits of studying English. I’m gonna share about that today.

Connected with the world

I’m Japanese. So, I knew that so many Japanese lose some wonderful opportunities.

It’s the community. Humans should live freely and alternatively.

We’re living in the tiny world which is spoken by Japanese, too much stress to alive and no alternative decisions.

Obviously, we don’t have flexible or easy going way.


‘Cause the one reason that we know only Japanese.

Even though we’d studied English for 6 years, we couldn’t get English. ( almost Japanese could study English among middle school and high school. )

Usually, Japanese can connect with only Japanese.

If we get great English proficiency, we’ll know how the world is gigantic.

Happily, my dream let me realized that.

I’ve had a dream since I was a child. It’s connected with the world.

I’ve been curious about traveling, interact with foreigners, and cross-cultural communication as my life purpose.

I was a good boy. I didn’t have a rebuttal for my parents and teachers.

But, I didn’t live in my own life.

Finally, I decided to select my way before I got a job.

It was my fork in the road that I went to LA as study abroad.

Of cause, I’ve never regretted. My journey was amesing.

I’ll share my experiences with you soon in my blog.


Please imagine if you can speak second language fluently.

It must be become your strong confidence.

Especially, Japanese have a tendency to be xenophobia.

So, if you’re Japanese and a seeker who tries to speak a foreign language, you could get great confidence by yourself when you can speak it.

Studying another language is tough. When you study that, you gonna be lazy or make some lame excuses.

I agree with you because I’m the one.

However, whenever I could overcome such a tough obstacle, I got a confidence.

I’m an English person and I can recommend learning English but any language is the same.

Sooner is better. You’re life can be changed by only you.

Nobody can speak English without spending time in English.

It does’t matter that you can’t do well now. We can restart whenever you want.

After you got confidence, your life will become more wonderful.

Have fun

Simply, English can make me happy.

Perhaps it depends on the person, English can give you a countless knowledge and a million experiences.

Unfortunately, Japanese is extremely limited to search with the internet for your answer.

For example, when I search ” study abroad ” in Google, I can get 479,000,000 results.

On the other hand, when I search the same thing in Japanese ” 留学 “, I can get only 264,000,000 results.

English results are as twice as Japanese results.

Plus, I can enjoy English movies, songs, YouTube videos, SNS, talk with friends in English, and also blogging.

I’m very happy because of English.

Sometimes English made me frustrate. Likewise, it becomes a tool to get happiness for me.

Thank you for reading today.

I’m glad to meet you.


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